Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Saturday Night

I woke up this morning in pain. Real pain.

Last night, long after I'd posted, the Parental Unit came over to help clear my driveway. It took us over an hour and a half, with a snowblower and a shovel, to dig me out and clear enough of the driveway to give me a running start out of the driveway when the snow falls again tonight. Every time the plow come by it blocks me in a little deeper...

The snow is amazing, piles everywhere, the roads today were still crappy and terrible to drive on, but I was going to ge to the chiropractor today if I had to WALK. I hurt that bad.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, eliminating the ever-growing hairballs in the corners, weaving, and knitting. And a midday nap when the Kiddo started crying while crafting because it wasn't going his way. With the extra spaces filled in by cookie-baking. I refuse to bake umpteen dozen cookies, because I would eat too many. We'll make a batch of this and that, but not 2-4 batches of 10 different kinds, like I seem to think is "normal". Is it just me??

And now the Christmas blues are beginning to set in. The anticipation of setting out gifts alone, of spending New Year's alone. Again. Christmas music is making me teary and sad. I love giving gifts, I love singing at church, I love the get-togethers, but I'm lonely, and want to cuddle by the fire with wine and the tree shining in the corner. Maybe I'm being selfish - I have SO much - a good home, family, a JOB, enough money to buy a few gifts for people even if I am going really light on the buying this year... I have my son, and the cats.

But I'm still lonely.

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