Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four More Days!?!?

I lost count of the towels I have done. I could unwind the fabric and count them, but at this point I don't really care that much. I passed the 1/3 point on the warp last night, so I'm getting there. I expect I'll wind off and hem whatever I have finished for Christmas, and keep weaving on the warp until the rest are done.

Once again, I forgot how much I enjoy weaving during the interim between towels. So I bought some boucle and slub yarns from a Ravelry destash for the purpose of weaving some scarves after the towels are done.

We spent nearly all day at church today. I was asked to cantor at noon Mass, so we got there at 11am. No choir director. I rehearsed the music myself in the church basement. Still no choir director. I knit. Still no choir director. Ten minutes to Mass, he shows up, and we went for it. It worked, but I really don't like doing Mass cold.

After Mass was the decorating of the church for Christmas. It was a strange event, mostly because it was lacking in the joy and exuberance I've usually found in these types of events. People participate, and have fun, and there's laughter and pleansantries, but not today. Today there was a weird vibe about the whole thing, people were quiet, almost cranky, even. Father couldn't decide how he wanted things to look, so someone would arrange the poinsettias around the lecturn or something, and someone else would have to rearrange them almost as soon as the first person had finished. It nearly reached frenetic at one point, where everyone was running around and taking down the Advent decorations and putting up the Christmas decorations and there was no order whatsoever. The person in charge had left(!?) to go get more flowers, and no one left behind had a clue what we were all supposed to be doing. I can't tolerate that kind of bad attitude, and so I got the kids doing something useful (instead of playing around in the church) and I polished the grand piano.

The piano is really shiny now. I'm having a little trouble getting into the spirit of Christmas this year. Apparently others are, too.

After the frenzy relaxed a little, we had choir rehearsal for Christmas Eve. I truly hope that the bad dress rehearsal means a good day-of, because we were terrible. Off key, not in unison when we needed to be, bad name it.

So we went to church this morning, and got home at nearly 5pm. Baked a batch of cookies, wove a towel, and now it's bedtime. My Sunday, gone. Crazy.

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Alwen said...

It was too snowy to go out yesterday. We stayed indoors and baked.