Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Back!

My power was restored today, about 3pm. Finally.

But I have to say: I am somewhat disappointed. I was really enjoying the power-free life. It was nice having a quiet, dark neighborhood. It was relaxing to have candlelight, and to be restricted to different evening activities with lower light. I slept so beautifully the last few nights, with no ambient light, no nightlight for the Kiddo...just sleep.

And kittens, of course, but that's a given.

I think we behave more naturally when we have no artificial light. We get tired and sleepy when it gets dark. We wake up when it gets light. We start winding down with the sun, and I think we'd all be a lot less crabby and in a hurry if we lived like that. We'd probably be a lot healthier, too, but I have no proof of that besides the scads of people around the world who don't live in the center of the industrialized world, eat natural real foods, and spend a lot of time outdoors!

It's dark here now, and I'm still awake, lulled into a false sense of daytime by the incandescent lights in the dining room. I'm more wired than I should be at this time of night. Far more awake than I was last night, or the night before. I noticed years ago that the lights in the house affected my sleep, and started winding down in the evening by turning off the lights and graduating down to the little lamp in my bedroom. Without the power on, I wound down with the sun, sat by the fire spinning for a while, and then conked out, in the dark, after blowing out my candle.

Do you think they'd turn my power off again, if I asked nicely?

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