Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Stars Aligned...

The decades collided. Welcome to 2009!

And none of us is particularly flattered by this picture. But we are all gorgeous in real life. Really!

The last few days have been a riot. I watched my nephew, the fabulous Felito* last night so my sister and her husband could go out. He's such a happy baby! even when he's a cranky-pants, like he was last night, he's awesome.

Also last night I had a houseguest - Mo. She's the one on the far right in the picture above. We haven't seen each other in absolutely years, and I found her online recently! We reconnected, and she came to visit from Chicago-land, where she's living and working!!

Today we were visited by another friend from Albion College (where we all went, at one time or another, I refuse to mention years at this point), Louise! She brought her kids form the west side, and everybody played nicely for a few hours. That's her daughter, my goddaughter, sitting in my lap. The boys took the picture.

I cast off the Nantucket Jacket yesterday, and it is currently soaking in the kitchen sink. I can hardly wait to get it sewn together! Finally! The first sweater I knit for me that isn't going to be co-opted!! (Mom won't wear red...) It's so pretty, even in pieces. I made a few modifications, though, so I'll put them in the project profile on Ravelry.
OK, so it's not the prettiest thing when it's in the sink, but I'll show you soon!! Promise!!

Also - I've decided to make a list. A list of all the things I want to accomplish or experience this year, and I'm setting the goal at 100. Books to read, projects to knit, fibers to spin, whatever! I'll post it here when I get it done, so you guys can all help me stay on track. It's a new idea for me, I'm usually very private about these things. But I have so much I want to do, and clarifying them to myself, and others, might help me actually stay focussed on what I really want, instead of succumbing to the infatuation of the day.

Hope your year is off to as wonderful a start as mine is! And thanks for being here!


Melissa said...

The picture is so not flattering, but better than others that were taken. :) And when I was at your house I almost started saying "touch the spindle...touch it I say!!" Will have address for my blog in the near future so you don't need to myspace...

Mara said...

Happy new year! Also, please pass on my wishes of a happy birthday to the (not so) little boy. Has he officially graduated to being known as the medium boy yet?

Gloria Patre said...

Wow! A long power outage sure brings you back to earth, doesn't it? Such a relief when it comes back, eh? Looks like your New Years was awesome!! Electricity, friends, family - what more could you ask for?
Looking forward to seeing your red sweater - my favorite color after "natural"!
A LIST?? Are you ever BRAVE! I will salute you with awe as you check things off it through the year!!