Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday's Late

Yesterday was not the worst, but not the best.  I didn't get any more weaving done, so I'm officially WAY behind, but I did get my files in order for 2009.  So I'm officially ahead there, since i didn't get 2008 set up until April of 2008.

And we spent a good portion of the day re-cleaning the basement again.  The kiddo has a job - every day he has to clean out all the litterboxes for the four(!) cats.  And he does it, often without reminder.  What he doesn't do is clean up after himself.  I went down there yesterday to run some laundry and found a chunk of used litter sitting on my clean folded clothes in a basket!!!  ICK!

He was promptly given lessons (again) in proper cat-poo management and made to clean the entire laundry room with me.  Included in the lessons were to (a) do not carry the full scoop-o-litter across the basement before depositing the contents into a bag, and (b) use the broom to sweep up daily and the basement will not turn into a gaint litterbox.  Since most of the litter on the floor came from him spilling and not the cats...

OK.  Sorry for the TMI moment, but it's life.

Yesterday we had dinner at Mom's for my little brother's birthday.  We have birthdays and holidays from Thanksgiving until the end of January, all piled up and crammed into two months, including my Little Boy's on January 2nd.  He missed being a "Millenium Baby" by an hour and a half.  Come February we all kind of collapse and finally get a break. Then we wait for spring thaw and start wanting to go sailing.

I'll update again later.  But I am definitely way behind.  Gotta get going.  I can't do anything to speed up the wine, though, and it's still actively fermenting!  It, too, is way behind schedule!!  At the rate it's going I won't be bottling before New Year's!

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