Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday - 12 days left!

Today did not go as planned.

My alarm went off at O'Dark Thirty, as planned. What I hadn't planned on was a kiddo who didn't feel well and was too tired to get up. So I told him to go back to sleep and called my parents to tell them he wasn't going to be helping deliver gifts to the shelter in Detroit. And I went back to sleep.

Kiddo didn't, apparently, and I got up a while later to rambunctious kitten-kid antics in the living room involving a rubber ball, some string, a few boxes, and the Christmas tree.

He struck a fever a few hours later. And spent the rest of the day whining and mopey, in total and complete denial that he wasn't feeling well but too wimpy to actually entertain himself. Any little thing sent him into tears and he kept demanding a playmate (not gonna happen with a fever, kiddo!). He was pushing on the treadle of my Schacht wheel to make the flyer go fast and managed to pop a treadle right off the wheel. Tears galore. So that was fun.

I managed to get almost through the third towel. Woo and hoo. Not quite what I needed to get done, but progress.

What I did get done was through trying to entertain a crabby, feverish, tired child.

We made some batts for my Etsy shop. They're Batt Bay Batts, and they're his attempt to earn some money and my attempt to teach him a work ethic.

We made "Blended Halloween", which is reds, black, brown, lavender, and grey with a little glitz for fun.
"Blended Insects at Night" (blues, greens, grey, and pink glitz)

and "Blue Boy Batt" (blue, a little green, and various glitz colors)

They're all for sale at $5 each.

That was not enough to entertain him all evening, though. So I found some icing dyes in the cupboard over the fridge and let him have at some sock blanks he knit on the knitting machine last summer. We microwaved them.It still wasn't bedtime yet, and he was intrigued with the plastic syringe we used for dyeing, and started playing in the water from soaking the sock blanks, and I let him go (he was finally entertaining himself!). I found him shortly afterwards with safety glasses on, blowing mountains of bubbles and soaping up every clean big dish in the house. He was trying to lift the pot lid with the bubbles...

Kept him busy for over an hour, though.

And yes, he left all the soapy dishes in the sink when I told him it was time to clean up.

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highflyinsm said...

Dibs on the Halloween Batt!! I love the colors and it's my favorite holiday, and I help support little boy's business ventures!