Thursday, December 11, 2008

What happened?

So here I've been, plodding along, working on getting through each day, each week, without catastrophe, and WHAMMO! Christmas is in two weeks!

How did that happen??

I was finally starting to feel like I had everything under control, that there weren't a ton of things I was missing. I was letting unimportant things slip, but the kid was fed and clean, the kittens were healthy, the house is cleaner than it was a year ago, I've made some progress on the pile-o-crap in the garage (not that I could park there this winter anyway, since the driveway heaves every winter and locks the door shut) and was feeling pretty good about things.

Until yesterday.

Julie posted about her holiday preparations. And while I can easily write off her knitting as being the insane result of a stay-at-home-mom (it's beautiful, and I sure wish I could produce that much beauty that quickly, but life intrudes) and lots of free time, it hit me yesterday smack in the face that I hadn't even begun to prepare for Christmas. No shopping. I haven't woven even one towel yet. The wine needs racking. The tree stands dark and bare in the living room (it went up Sunday, and we haven't touched it since). There are NO plans for the annual Christmas Eve Brunch yet. I don't even know what days I'm working!

And I had a small panic attack at lunch, suddenly having discovered that Christmas is ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!

How this slipped past my radar, I have no notion. We've been singing Christmas songs for months at choir practice. It's 20F and snowy outside. There's a tree standing in my freaking living room!

And I somehow missed it.

I'm very observant, in case you hadn't noticed.

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Alwen said...

Yeah. What you said!