Friday, December 12, 2008

Time to Buckle Down!!!!

OK, so after yesterday's freakout post, I got down to business. I bought gifts online for the kiddo. To be delivered before Christmas, I hope. I went home (after working all day) and racked the wine then wove a towel before heading out to choir practice (without the kiddo - no school tomorrow, so slept over at Gramma's). In between I managed to discuss the Christmas Eve Brunch with another local from-college friend who is part of the whole brunch-thing and place a Partylite order for another friend (I don't do parties anymore, but I place orders when asked).

Tonight I intend to weave at least one more towel. Bake bread tomorrow morning while Kiddo is gone helping Grampa deliver gifts from the church to needy families, do the laundry, and weave a couple towels. My goal is to get the weaving done BEFORE my birthday next Friday so I'm not freaking out about finishing them (hemming and washing and ironing - the ONLY time I iron kitchen towels!) when I'll have to bottle the wine on probably the 23rd (before Brunch on the 24th!).

I'm getting tired just thinking about it - and I'm not listing all of it for you! The Kiddo will want to decorate the tree tonight, so I'll probably get the lights on it for him and let him have at the ornaments while I weave a towel. He's great about winding bobbins for me, too, so I don't have to get up and wind so frequently. (And if anyone has a handful of the OLD LeClerc shuttle bobbins, I'd be interested in buying some! I don't have nearly enough to weave colors!)

I might be making myself up a schedule of everything I need to do in the next 13 days, but most likely I'll be posting nearly every day as I try to keep track of everything.

Hang on tight, it's going to be a bumpy 2 weeks!

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