Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Excuses and blame and avoidances

1. I've had the intestinal flu for almost 2 weeks. As a result, I am tired, crabby, and moving very little. I've had to go to work all this time, and deal with it, while starving from lack of solid food and listening to my body make audible noises as it freaks out over my having ingested something with nutrition in it. You'd think that this would mean I'm skinnier, but no. I had to pull out the fat pants, as anything slimmer was painful to wear. Fun times.

2. The Little Boy has started on a swim team. Practice is Monday through Thursday until April. Every week. Plus meets.

3. Little Boy also has failed to deal with school assignments as they are assigned, and after nearly three weeks of telling me there was "no homework" I was informed yesterday that his book report and poster are due tomorrow. Reference #2 above. He missed practice tonight.

4. Cub Scouts is also one the schedule in a big way, and the number of events each week between now and March is nearing insane. Added to #2 above I think it crosses over the line.

5. I finished a sweater, have worn it twice, and have had someone take pictures. Said picture-taker is significantly shorter than I am (who isn't?) and the pictures look like I have the world's tiniest head on the world's largest body. I'm not posting them.

6. I sold more yarn!!!! (An entire sweater's worth of handspun) Thank you, Diana! I'll bring more to the shop as soon as I can breathe!

7. I'm almost done with the first sock of the sock-blank-dyeing-experiment for the Little Boy. I started it on a whim last Friday after I finished my Summer Socks. Yes, I know summer was over quite a while ago, but I'm really working on getting my works-in-progress down to a reasonable number. I currently have only 3 (!) active knitting projects: The sock-blank socks, Tamarah, and an Estonian sock I intend to frog, unless someone out there wears a size ten shoe and has incredibly short legs?

8. I read my book for January: A Year in the Merde. It was fun, and So very non-PC!

9. I have a toe in time-out on the knitting machine. I tried to machine-knit a sock on the Brother KH-910, and got as far as the toe cap before getting a strand caught on the wrong side of a gate peg and inadvertently making an enormous tuck stitch. Not quite what I wanted in a sock, so it's in time out for a while. I need to finish it and its mate before the end of the month for the Machine-Knit-a-Garment-a-Month Knit-a-Long on Ravelry. (Was that enough hypens, or should I add some more?)

So all in all, I'm tired, busy, and productive. Not really a bad way to be, if you think about it, right?


Mel said...

First off, all I am going to say is I hope you are feeling better soon! Intestinal flu is no joke!, kiddo has you running! I am tired reading about all of it!

Take care of you!

Alwen said...

We had a school blow-up on Tuesday, so my sympathies & Get Well Soon!

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

Your schedule makes my head spin! And flu to boot! Sheesh! Iron woman or what!