Thursday, January 22, 2009

A project!!

Are you in total shock?

A few weeks ago we tried an experiment. Little Boy ran up some long rectangles on the LK-150 knitting machine out of superwash alpaca sock yarn I bought on eBay a couple of years ago. Nice stuff, but I certainly don't need 5 balls of white superwash alpaca socks! So one day when he was pestering me to insanity, I cast on a couple dozen stitches and let him have at it. Once in about the middle he managed to inadvertently cast off (haven't we all when using these things?) so we ended up with two, slightly uneven, skipped-stitch rectangles. Of which I did not take a picture.

What I did get a picture of was what we did to the rectangles: we colored them with Wilton's icing colors. We had a Pokemon set of icing dyes, which are bright and primary: red, green, yellow, and black. But when you forget the vinegar, and crock the black in the microwave? You get pastels.
The black crocked to a gorgeous lavendar I couldn't have achieved if I'd actually tried. The green crocked, too, and became a fantastic teal. The red went pink, and the yellow stayed bright (why do I keep typing yelly?).

Then what?

Socks, of course.

I am infinitely amused by the color changes. The finished sock looks completely different from the blank, and I am having far more fun than is normal in sock knitting. I have been cruising along on these, knitting nearly half a sock per day, when I do knit, and loving it.
I am knitting them on 2.0mm needles (size 0 US) and the yarn is so fine and warm and soft...

I want to keep them for me!

Oh, and the other fun thing about these? The knit fabric reminds me of seersucker in that it is all crinkly and bubbly from re-knitting the squiggly yarn. I know it will smooth out again once I wash them, but for now I am pleased and amused.

No, it does not take much to amuse me.


Alwen said...

Those of us who are easily amused spend a lot of time amused!

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

The socks are absolutely gorgeous! It's so cool that you have someone (even if he is small) to share creative projects with!