Friday, January 09, 2009

Slipped Up

Please excuse the brief absence - Life happened.  Well, Life and Fiber Trends Felted Clogs.

I have the adult and children's versions of the pattern, and they've been sitting around in my patterns for, literally, years.  I'm on a bit of a stash-busting kick right now, trying to knit down my stash a little.  While I've not yet reached SABLE (Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy), I do have quite a few yarns hanging around that I'm not so sure I'm ever going to use for their intended purpose, and leftovers from projects, and whatever.  So I pulled out the Clogs pattern and grabbed a few balls of random yarn.

The first pair has been a total PITA.  I ever-so-brilliantly looked at the yarn requirements for the children's pattern and completely skipped over the part where there are different yarn requirements for different sizes.  Go figure, makes sense, all sizes are not created equal.  So I knitted one up, then started the other.  It was during my knitting group at work on Wednesday that Stephanie noticed that the balls of yarn in my knitting bag didn't look nearly large enough to finish the slipper on the needles that I figured out what had happened.  I did NOT have another ball of yarn that color, and one solid-color slipper and one multi-colored slipper just didn't seem right, at least not when one is solid purple and the other would be half red.  So I frogged the outer sole of the finished slipper to finish the main body of the second slipper, with the intention of making red outer soles for both.  (Just because they're stash-busting doesn't mean they shouldn't match!)  So yesterday I knit with Stephanie at lunch again, and borrowed from Peter-slipper to make Paul-slipper.  

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, curled up to knit with kittens attacking my toes (said toes were wiggling under the blanket purely as distraction from the yarn in my hands) I discovered I had left the pattern pages at work on my desk.

I did what any knitter would have done - I walked to the cupboard and pulled out the pattern binder, found the adult pattern, and cast on another pair in different yarn.

And no, I haven't fixed the too-long sleeves on my Nantucket Jacket yet.  I've been analyzing the situation, and I think I'm going to attempt major surgery by removing the extra length from the cast on edge, and not re-knit the whole thing.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

But how did the llama with dog work out?

- Sonya (who is spinning Teeswater)