Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Snowy Sunday!

We got another round of snow yesterday, and we're sitting in about 6", with more snow and sold weather until at least Thursday. I'm loving it!

I kicked the Kiddo out the door (imagine the old cartoons of Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin's mom tosses him outside, butt-first...that was us this afternoon) to play in the snow. He'd been inside all day yesterday during the snow, reading. Today he was a hyper-pants, and as such got his rear end tossed outside for a while.

I spent nearly all day yesterday cleaning my living room. Really - one room. The furniture got moved, and the Christmas tree came down, and the floor was vacuumed and washed. I organized the living room spinning stash and it looks all nice and tidy in there. Almost...not lived in. It was part of my de-cluttering phase, and it needed it. The rest of the house isn't caught up yet, but it feels so good to have one more space cleared of excess junk and stuff. Last weekend we did both of our bedrooms, and managed to keep them tidy during the week. The biggest challenge is the Kiddo's Laundry Fling, which happens twice a day when he changes clothes - the laundry gets tossed as he takes it off, and it could end up anywhere in his room. We recovered an entire load of laundry from his bedroom last weekend, including about 12 pairs of socks! (After he'd been complaining "Mom, I don't have any socks!!" for weeks...)

On fiber - I have not yet done the blending of dog and llama, as I hardly get at-home time during the week. I'm really tempted to blow off all the bill-paying and food-cooking that I usually do on Sunday afternoons and go sit and spin. I haven't spun in ages, and I'm getting really tired of always doing what needs to be done, rather than what I want to do!

Ah, the joys and trials of adulthood.

Speaking of which - yesterday while doing the laundry, I reached out to pull the handle on the washer to start it, and the whole plastic handle popped off in my hand! With that one little piece, all hopes of controlling the washing machine starts, stops, and cycles, zipped out the door and into the snow. I used pliers to turn the little round metal stick the handle used to be attached to, and pried the plastic clip that used to hold it on to get the washer to start...but that's not going to be a good long-term option, I think.

So out came the Crazy Glue, and I'm going to go try to clip it back on and see if it works, but I think I need to do a little online shopping for the part soon!

Again, adulthood.


highflyinsm said...

Well I did blow off adult hood yesterday, well at least at night after the cleaning and dinner was done! I stayed up till 2 am spinning!! I got little boy's batt done, I'll post a picture soon.

Dana said...

Superglue and duct tape are my two best friends!