Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got up this morning when the kittens started playing "tackle" on top of me at about 7am, and headed down to the sewing area formerly known as my dining room. Put on the kettle and got to it.

By 11am I had a completely sewn and finished pair of jeans.

That don't fit.

Somehow I have yet again managed to underestimate the round protrusion behind me. Cut me a little slack, in that I don't look at it regularly, but still! I thought we covered this last weekend when Jennifer helped me make my patterns! But my backside was NOT covered in these jeans, and I had a horrifying case of camel-toe in the front.

I've made some alterations to the pattern and totally deconstructed the upper half of the jeans in an attempt to salvage them, but I'm beginning to think this pair is "practice" and call it a loss. It's about $12 in fabric and $6 in thread, but there are so many things wrong with the fit on the jeans, in so many different ways, I just don't think it's going to happen.


I really need new jeans.

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NeedleTart said...

If you can, look at Threads magazine. They have a lot of information on fit and color choice.