Monday, March 30, 2009

March: in like a lion, out like a...lion?

March came in with cold temps and winds a -blowing.  March is going out with...snow.

I had to scrape my windshield this morning.  Not frost, not thin ice, but thick white stuff frozen to my windshield.  Like, winter-stuff.  The ground was white, and it was definitely on the "crispy" side (in terms that Scott and I came up with years ago...)  When we were sitting at dinner last night, as the sun was setting, I noticed that there were large white fluffy snowballs falling from the sky.  "Falling" being a euphemism for flying in every-which direction while being whipped around by a wind strong enough to rattle the windows in their panes (and yes, re-glazing them is on my to-do list.)  Then the thunder and lightening started.  Usually thundersnows only happen around here in January!

For projects, I have nothing to show.  I spent close to 5 hours cleaning the house on Saturday, all the way to scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.  I couldn't take the mess we've been living in, and started in my bedroom, worked my way through the upstairs, then finally made coffee and something to eat when I started on the downstairs.  I quit when I hit the basement floor, and started carding wool.  I made 10 batts out of over a pound of hand-dyed wool, 2 color-batches.

Then a friend came over, and I made homemade pizza, and we sat around and talked after the kiddo got to bed.

Sunday morning I was exhausted, sore, and really thirsty (gotta love that after-effect of mead).  I didn't do anything but read after church, and finally got around to making some bread for us to eat this week, and a pot of potato-kale soup out of some veggies on their last legs.  I was starting to get afraid of the potatoes...they kept looking at me!  And I taught Kiddo how to play Monopoly.  After he declared he loved the game, I informed him that I had tricked him, and he'd just practiced both math facts (adding on the dice) and money (I had him make change regularly).  Sometimes it's fun to be the parent!

So I'm still stiff and sore this morning, back at work, and ready for the Kiddo's last week of swimming practices.  We really need a few boring evenings at home.


Julie said...

I'm sure you know, but baking is EXCELLENT for teaching fractions. Do a couple batches of cookies or cupcakes to get the feel of JUST what 'half' is. Then say, "Let's cut it in half." or "Let's double it." They'll be doing fractions before they realized it. (My nephew says he still thinks of cookies when he has to do fractions.)

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

There's something about cleaning up that gives you a feeling of 'situation control', isn't there? Nice to see you're almost into some breathing room!