Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost Spring

It's supposed to be 50F today, though it might rain a little at some point. It's finally starting to feel like spring! I don't think I would appreciate spring in the same way if I lived somewhere without four distinct seasons...after dealing with the snow and ice and cold I LOVE spring! Even though I love winter, too!

Tomorrow night is the Kiddo's last swim meet. Feels like the last 2.5 months have been forever and so fast, both at the same time. We've adjusted to the chaotic and busy schedule by changing our routines and letting some things go (like vacuuming the cat hair...) and preparing other things in advnace (like suppers for the week). Some of these habits I want to hang on to, others (i.e. vacuuming) we should probably not keep, even if the cats like the vacuum machine to remain idle.

I'm having a hard time sticking to my committment to have only one major knitting project and a pair of socks on the needles simultaneously. I currently have 5 projects in progress.

Kimberly is waiting to be sewn together in good lighting, then needs a collar and button bands. Not so much work, but being as she's all black, I need to have good lighting to seam her well.

Tamarah is in timeout in the kitchen drawer. I haven't touched her in weeks.

The current socks are a PITA, and they're also in timeout in the kitchen drawer. They're two-color stranded socks, and I was getting tired of having to think while knitting socks. I love the pattern, and think the socks are going to be awesome, but...yeah. Stranded socks. Maybe not my brightest idea.

I can almost ignore the Hobbit Socks as a learning experience, except I put them on my Ravelry Projects page, and they stare at me, unfinished, every time I update a project and make me feel guilty for abandoning them as Hobbit-size socks. That, and the lone unfinished sock is sitting on my knitting machine. Reminding me every time I want to sit down and knit something.

Then there's the comfort project. The tote-around and knit-whenever project. Another gansey. Kid-sized. For Christmas. it's kind of like knitting a's roundy-roundy, on sock-sized yarn, and there's hardly any thought to it right now. I started it last Thursday night, and I'm through 100g of yarn already. I expect it to take about 500g. It's fast, fun, easy, and comforting. And I'm designing on the fly. Somehow I fretted and studied and calculated Bills' gansey to death...and this one I'm comfortable just zipping along, designing as I go, and happily, blissfully, just knitting. Go figure.

I have yet to even take pictures of all these projects, but I'll be sure to post them when I get them taken.

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