Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

I can be blue as all get-out, but when I'm sitting in the sunshine, soaking up the rays, I can't feel bad.

Once I go back in the house, though, is another story. It's almost like I feel good in direct sunlight, but I can't hold that feeling for very long.

So when all else fails, I alternate sitting in the sunshine with getting things done in the house.

I was a busy girl today, and managed to not only find my kitchen counter, but soak up some rays, knit on a new project (no pics yet), get some laundry done, make bread (baking right now), and get a pot of chili started for supper.

Oh, yeah...

And I dyed a little bit of wool.

Four batches, all lovely and soft, three batches of which are color-coordinated-but-not-the-same. A new feat!

As you can see by the long shadows, the day is getting on here, and the colors are not as pretty in the picture as they are in real life. Of course.

And the clock is ticking...the destination of all of this lovely wool will be revealed!

All in good time...

1 comment:

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

So... you are determined to keep us hanging? Cruel, cruel girl! (LOL!! just kidding!)