Sunday, April 26, 2009

I have a problem?

I'm embarrassed.

I can't believe I'm posting this, either. (Mom, if you're reading, just close the window and walk really don't want to see this. Honest.)

Hi. My name is Erika and I have a problem.

I'm addicted to fiber. And I have to admit that I didn't realize the extent of it until I was challenged on Ravelry to show my fiber stash. Someone (several someones, actually) wanted to know what 200# of fiber stash looks like. And I decided to add in my yarn stash. So I really don't want to know how much is here. And if you see something you like, make an offer, because I'm feeling rather sick to my stomach right now, looking at this.

Here I am, trying to simplify and make life less cluttered, and I've been accumulating stash like there's not going to be any more wool or silk produced ever again. I am so totally prepared for the sheepocalypse, I could spin for the rest of my life and not finish with this stash.

I really am feeling sick about it.

Now, for the tour:

Welcome to my living room, where the "soon to be handled" and "in process" fibers reside. Next to the couch we have a wicker basket, topped with another wicker basket, topped with sweaters to be frogged for the yarn (why???? why do I feel this compulsion????) The top basket holds an abandoned sock pattern and several spindles, along with a bag of yak down.
The bottom basket holds this:
and then some.

Across from the couch is the weaving loom, wtill holding the remaining Christmas towels, unwoven. You can see under the loom where I cut a bunch of them off, so I could hem and give them out at Christmas, but I never finished the rest. And so they sit.
Next to my favorite chair, the chair Mom bought for me when I was enormous-pregnant with the Little Boy, is my current projects. And another basket full of fiber. That basket weighs about 35#. It's pretty stuffed. You can see the edge of the tapestry loom in front of the fireplace. Why I need to start playing with a tapestry loom when I can't/haven't finished last December's weaving has me stumped. Any and all good explanations currently being accepted...
The main stash is in the basement. Here we have two bins and a bag. One bin is roving and top for the Little Boy to make batts with, one is random wools, and the bag is stuff I dyed for the Mystery Project that hasn't been carded yet. The box right behind the bag holds collections of batts for the Mystery Project That Requires Lots of Pretty Fiber. Note the treadmill and the edge of the weight machine - they are NOT covered in fiber. I actually use the treadmill year-round, since I can't stand running outside in freezing cold or blazing hot.
Here's the big one: the Wall o' Crafts. The wall is lined with shelving, and there's an old table in front that holds that carder and whatever I'm working on right now, which includes book-making. At least I have somewhere to work on this stuff without junking up the dining room. the "stuff" on the weight set is my balance ball, which is stored on the seat, and the cover for the carder that keeps the cats from brushing themselves on the carding cloth.
Elsewhere in the basement I have stashed fibers. Here's a bag of clean wool I've been slowly carding.
And in the "closet" in which I store out of season coats and clothes there's another stash of box and two barrel-shaped containers. I didn't pull them out for you. Not going to.
In the main room is the knitting machine. It sits in front of the shelf of fabric, with a couple bins of coned yarn topped by two boxes of coned yarn.
So are you getting uncomfortable yet? Or is it just me?

There's a bathroom in the basement that seldom gets used. The shower hasn't been used in a few years. not for showering, anyway. It holds raw fleece now. (And a small amount of fiber from sheep Shed Studio, waiting to be dyed).

The garage holds the raw llama fleeces waiting to be cleaned and carded. These are what I sell in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry. My cousin raises them, and I process and sell the fiber. Awesome fleece! There's a little over 100# here.
On to the knitting...

each drawer is just under 3' deep.

as is the closet.The guest room holds the rest of the machine knitting stuff, and a bit more yarn.
It also holds the pretty dyed fibers I've posted here as I dye it up. Those boxes are full.

I think that's it, reserving the projects I'm actually knitting on right now, which total 4, I think.

I'm horribly aghast at the volume of wool and fiber I've accumulated. I find it disturbing. I have so little time for actually playing with it, making things, that it is exccessive. If I played with fiber all day, or was ploughing through it, I might consider this to be reasonable, but I think I have passed S.A.B.L.E. (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). Unless I get to be the first person to reach the ripe old age of 234.

I've seen pictures online of other people's stashes, some smaller, some making mine seem tiny (I seem to recall one where her knitting yarn completely filled her master bathroom, rendering it unusable...) but I think the fact that I'm uncomfortable with it indicates that I have too much for me.

And yet...every bit of it has the potential of being a finished object, gives me inspiration and ideas. Which of those ideas am I willing to part with first??


Julie said...

I'm tempted to make an offer for that huge bag of what looks like undyed wool top in your basement shower. But I'm moving in three months and that way lies madness.

Remember, just the other day I showed a ten gallon storage container full of ribbon. And I'm sitting here RIGHT NOW thinking of sales and how I need more.

You aren't alone.

Alwen said...

Sheepocalypse! Sheepocalypse! I love that word and am so stealing it!

Anyway. Yeah. The time to enter the 12-step fiber program is when your stash makes you, personally, feel bad instead of good.

For me, it was one step. I spent a year working on turning some of the Unique!Never going to see this again! thread or yarn into some of the loveliness that danced into my head when I first picked it up.

It wasn't so much a year of a yarn/fiber diet, as a year of making dreams real.

Mara said...

This post has convinced me that it would just be wrong for me to ever give the sock yarn back to you.

Yarnhog said...

Laughing my head off! And you are surely ready for the "sheepocalypse." *snort!*

Have you considered storing it in the walls? I'm sure it would make great insulation...

justsonya said...

Okay... how about the third week in May I come live with you for the week? It's that or any week in June but the first or second. So pick a week and let me know. <3 We'll get through some of that stash ASAP.

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

I've packed a sleeping back and assorted other necessities - whatever will fit in a backpack. Give me your land location - I'm moving in!! It's much faster and more straightforward than going to heaven! LOL!! I can sleep on the floor of your living room behind the couch so I won't take up much room and I don't snore so you'll hardly know I'm there... until you see me rolling in your fibers and fondling your yarns that is! Oh... you have cats that do that already? Rats!! Just when i thought I had found an excuse to be near it all!! Hahahahahaha!
Now to try to resist the urge to pillage your Etsy shop.... mmmmnnngggg!
Honestly, MY yarn stash is bigger but you have me beat hands-down on fiber (and I actually own a Llama!!)

Julie the LakeHouse Lady said...

WOW!! Girl, I am jealous!! Look at all that fabulous fiber, and all your cool equipment! Don't worry about your "problem"...I think it's GREAT!! hehehe!

And I LOVE your house, too! Those beautiful floors, lovely old glassdoor knobs! How old is your house?