Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fixing the Problem

I've been obsessed the last few days with getting rid of stuff. I took a medium-sized box of quilting fabric to work today and let the receptionists duke it out over the cottons and calicos. I took my knitting down there to watch them at lunch - it was fun!

The strangest part of this though? I'm not a quilter. Never have been.

Tomorrow I'm taking them a box of needlepoint plastic canvas. Nearly 15 pounds of plastic canvas.

One box a day and I'll get there, right?

I've also been culling the stash in a big way - pulling out entire boxes of yarn I haven't looked at in years and just listing it. Finally, there's more in my Trade/Sell page than in my Stash page. I went upstairs after work, pulled out a big bag and three small boxes and took pictures. My goal is to keep only what I love and have plans for. If it doesn't talk to me, if I bought it om impulse and have no idea what to do with it, if I don't love it - it's gone.

I even had a nightmare last night (I haven't slept well since this started. I'm getting sick and headachy from lack of sleep) about yarn! I dreamed that someone sent me a nasty email in which she whined that "the website said all your yarn was FREE!!!!!"


In any case, if there was something in a picture the other day that caught you eye, check my stash page and see if it's there yet. And if you don't see it, don't be shy about asking after it. I really don't want or need to keep all this. I like spinning too much.

And Mara? I'm keeping most of the sock yarn. They do need replacing now and then. You can only keep it if you're going to learn to knit your own socks. Then I'll give you a set of needles to go with it, and lessons. <3


Anonymous said...


I want the cherry tree hill glitter

please call and we can arrange. My son lost a hat out of this several years ago and still mourns the loss

Call me.


Julie said...

May all the gods save me... truly... I can't believe I'm asking this...

Are you interested in getting rid of that giant bag of merino top in your shower? Or part of it? And if so... what do you want for it?

justsonya said...

We can arrange transport of all that fabric and notions stuff we discussed. <3

Sorry about the radio silence. The reaction I was having post-procedure knocked me out of the loop for a good couple of weeks.