Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Socks!

I finished a new pair of socks today, and Blogger is being stoopid, so I guess you get to see them sideways. I needed new cotton socks for summer, and wanted ankle-height this time. Sockotta again.

Earlier this week I finished "editing" a pair of jeans. This is the first time I've attempted to make my own jeans, and I like the results a lot. They haven't been washed yet, so they don't have that "industry-made" look to them yet. And they probably won't ever, since they don't fit right.

A friend helped me to do the pattern, and a couple of mis-adjustments got made after the muslin, and... well, they just fit crappy. That, and I've lost a bit more weight (yay!), so they really don't fit now. It's all OK, though. I think of it as practice, and that I learned enough to make my own jeans, if I ever get the fit right!

As for Little Boy, we're having some power struggles lately, in the Rules Are Not For Me way, and he's in danger of failing 3rd grade for lack of turning in work. He's plenty smart enough, he just doesn't seem to think that doing the work on time and giving it to the teacher is worth the time or effort. And now, only a few weeks from the end of the school year there's a pile of unfinished work and he's got the concentration abilities of a gnat. Somehow he believes that if he sits at his desk and stares at the wall long enough, then time will be up and Rumplestiltskin will have come and the work will be done.

Can someone ask him to come and do the laundry and the dished for me when he's done with Little Boy's homework? Please??


Alwen said...

The cat's body language looking up at them is just priceless - it its tail always that fluffy?

Brandy said...

Very nice socks! My sister is a knitty girl, I think I shall share your blog with her. you did a nice job on the jeans - so disappointing when something you worked so hard on doesn't actually fit. Well, if its any consolation - pants are hard!