Saturday, May 09, 2009

Getting my Geek On

The last few days have been rather fun, in a way I used to have fun, back in the day.

Little Boy's dad came and got him yesterday, and I've been going it alone for the weekend. And for once, I'm actually enjoying it and being productive! I've been puttering about the house all afternoon after running errands this morning. I finished sewing a pair of jeans, started sewing a couple of changing robes for some kayakers, did some laundry, tidied the kitchen, and helped move some (big! heavy!) furniture. It feels good to make some progress on projects that have been sitting around, stagnating, for what feels like forever.

Yesterday, though, was Geek Day.

I've always been a bit of a geek. I love science, followed the space shuttle launches and landings as a little kid (I still have the scrapbooks I made from newspaper clippings), and I always wanted to know why. (There's another story in that, but I'll save it for another day) I guess my child didn't fall far from the tree?

So yesterday I realized that I get another point on the Geek Scale because I'm running Linux on one of my (several) computers.

Then yesterday I hacked Linux to get it to do what I wanted. More points.

And last night? A date with my stepfather to see the new Star Trek movie. Definite geek points. And for what it's worth? Great movie. I want to see it again. Already.

And yes, I do have signed photographs of several ST actors. From back in the day, when I went to cons.

Sometimes I think it was another life, something I read in a novel. It couldn't have been me, could it? Going to cons? Playing RPGs? Staying out till late, drinking Mountain Dew?

I think I'll go back to spinning my frog-hair silk and listening to NPR now.

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