Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh my Goodness


Spent a lovely Memorial Day weekend with friends and their family at their cabin in central Michigan. Gorgeous weather, wonderful food, fabulous place, friendly people... no complaints.

I did a little sketching, played in the lake with the kids, vegged out in the porch swing, ate too much, knit very little, plied some yarn, read a novel, and then some. Didn't sleep much, but what else is vacation for than sucking every moment of pleasure from the days and nights?

Since I have little to report, I'll share a few pictures. My camera didn't do much service, and I haven't received the pics from others yet, so there's only a few.

We were at the end of a cove in the lake, so while it looks narrow, the lake is to the right and out of view. This made it quite safe for the kids to fool around in the paddleboat and the rafts and not need to worry about currents or getting too deep or too far. We simply restricted them to staying "inside the cove" without a grownup. Bug and I took that paddleboat out of the cove and paddled all over the lake - until he was too tired to paddle!
I spent quite a bit of time just relaxing in the old bench swing glider thingy. Wonderful place to get a little (but not too much) sun and enjoy the view.Every night came the bonfires and (of course!) the s'mores.
And the view out from the porch to the lake...
Thanks, Carole, for such a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!!!

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suzof7 said...

Your sketches are wonderful! Makes me want to go out and buy a little journal for that purpose - and my daughter would love this as well. Reminds me of a Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. Thank you for sharing these!