Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turf Wars

While vacation was dandy, coming home was not. And not in the usual way, either.

When we left I hadn't made my bed. I planned to change the sheets as soon as we got home, and Chaka likes to sleep on the sheet, and I seldom let him, so I left it all rumpled and the blankets piled up. When I got home, it was still rumpled with the blankets piled up, and there was cat hair all over, which I expected. (I can't have 4 cats and not expect there to be a little fur...) What I didn't expect was wet blankets.


Someone had peed on my bed.

Knowing my cats as well as I do, I had already wondered what was up with Rotti - he was acting really, really skittish and scaredy-cat. Kiddo was getting a kick out of making noises every time Rotti started poking into something, just to see him jump! But I didn't suspect him...would you?No, I guessed the culprit was Chaka, my big, old, half-toothless boy. (His head is about the size of a softball) He long ago claimed my bed, and in the household routines around here, he defends it quite fiercely. I suspected that Rotti had moved into my bed and Chaka was marking his territory.

Later that night, when Rotti didn't crawl into bed with me and nestle behind my knees, but Chaka was curled up next to me and purring loudly, I knew I was right. Yesterday morning when I got out of bed, Rotti curled up next to my pillow and Chaka threw a kitty-hissy-fit and chased him off.

Yup, definitely Chaka.

So now I'm using the enzyme cleaner to get the scent out of my quilt and blanket and sheets (I buy by the gallon.) and using different bedding. I got lucky in that the blankets were piled up high enough that even though they were soaked, and the foam mattress topper got wet, the mattress itself was dry. (I enzymed it anyway, to be safe.)

Oh, and Alwen? This one's for you:Rotti's tail is ALL undercoat fluff. It does always look like that. Except when he's spooked - then it's bigger!

Spins like cashmere...


Sara said...

You use cat hair for yarn?!

Cute kitties! Vinegar or lestoil sometimes gets the scent out in the washer. Do you use Nature's Miracle?

Alwen said...


Truffles (the dog)' undercoat is light and poofy like that. I have trouble even focussing on a single hair. I wonder what the micron count is on that!