Sunday, June 21, 2009


Kiddo's been gone since Friday afternoon...and I've done nothing on the list of things I wanted done while he was gone. Instead, I have played, spun, visited, watched movies, slept, eaten out, and drank too much (once, last night at dinner. My gin and tonic was made as a double when I asked for a single. And I drank most of it before the food arrived. Glad I wasn't driving!)

Then today I woke up with a massive headache, and have spent most of the day fighting off the migraine. now that it's nearly bedtime, I might be finally winning. Of course, the 2.5 hour midday nap doesn't make bedtime come any quicker.

So I guess the accounting for my time indicates that I am unwinding. And I assume I will eventually get around to being productive at home...but doesn't finishing half an ounce of frog-hair and finally setting up for bobbin #2 count for something? (The first bobbin has two ounces on it, and it's not even 2/3 full.) And for kicks, Jofran tried to use a McMorran balance on the frog-hair, to see if there would be enough for the Peacock shawl, and a plyback nearly 8 feet long didn't even move the balance. She's guessing there'll be enough.

I've had it. I'm heading to bed. Maybe I'll crawl into the bath first... and hope that tomorrow I can be a bit more useful and maybe find the vacuum. I might even use it!


Mara said...

No need to rush into things. I recommend thinking long and hard before you turn on the vacuum.

On a different topic, I'm wondering if you might want to try splitting some of the herbs in my front yard. The sage, oregano, and thyme have made it through two winters. However, I'm planning to try to re-landscape the front (i.e. change the weed to plant ratio slightly), and I thought that now might be a good time to downsize the overgrown herbs. What do you think?

Mel said...

If anyone deserves a couple of days of R&R, it is you. So you didn't vacuum...the dirt (and the vacuum) will still be there when you are ready to tackle it. Don't be so hard on yourself, you do a LOT!!!

Jofran said...

whoa what about the person who had tidied the kitchen, done laundry, cleaned the cat litter and something else before 9am on Saturday morning (boyo and I had played tickle fest in our pjs... ) unwind is a relative term... you need some, sometimes you don't have to be the responsible one.

Mara is right think long and hard before the vacuum comes out because in the blink of an eye it will be dirty again.... This is from the woman who's kitchen floor is no longer sticky and it was that way for four whole hours (dinner was ready in a casserole) before something spilled all over it.

enjoy your week of downtime you deserve it.


Alwen said...

My brother just shared this with me:

"Lloyd rants about saucepans and their wider implications"

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

Never apologize for re-charging your batteries! Moms are NOT superheros even though everyone expects them to be....

Alwen said...

*psssst*, stash yarn?

stephanie said...

I figure there's a remote chance you'll get a notification about a comment. For great laughs, check out:

Too true!

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

Hope you're coming back some time... I miss reading you!