Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It has come to my attention that I am being charged with neglect of my blog.

I must plead "guilty."

This summer and autumn have been intense, and I have done a lot in the way of personal and physical decluttering. I hope you don't take offense, but I kind of withdrew in multiple venues, not only in blogging.

See, it started quite some time ago, a little over five years ago, when I moved back to Michigan. I moved into a tiny little house, and we (Little Boy and I) re-collected and re-grouped and I started to figure out where I was and what was going to come next. I threw everything we didn't need in everyday life into a storage garage and paid to keep it there.

Three years ago we moved into this larger house, with on-site storage, also known as "garage" and "basement" and I continued to ignore and procrastinate on the Stuff. I couldn't park in the garage, and I couldn't use the basement for anything but doing the laundry, but I managed to ignore it anyway.

This spring I decided I'd had enough. All summer and fall I've been decluttering my life - in terms of time, stuff, space, hobbies, stuff, wardrobe, and fiber. And did I mention the stuff? I had more stuff than I could possibly need in this lifetime, and I got tired of it.

I'm still tired of it, but I've been incredibly successful at selling it, giving it away, and tossing the junk. Only last week did I turn the corner, and start finding empty shelves and drawers around the house where I've gotten rid of so much stuff that there's spaces where I don't have anything to put there...and I LOVE it. An empty drawer in my desk! A shelf in the kitchen! Empty floor in the basement!

And I've been so focused on this process, so involved with living instead of planning that I kind of lost track of some things. Like my blog. And some friends...

And for all of this, I apologize.

I have to admit that the lack of blogging at some point went from being a case of neglect to a case of conscious choice, and it was mostly that I wanted to focus on me and my little family, and not on what I wanted to tell all of you or what would make a good blog-story.

And the truth is: I missed you. I missed all of you! And I don't want to quit you. I want to keep blogging, in some capacity. I can't get on a tight blogging schedule right now, as I am again doing NaNoWriMo (I love it!) and I am not going to let blogging compromise my novel-writing.

So maybe, in between chapters, when I'm going cross-eyed from writing fiction, I'll sneak in and update you on some of the wonderful projects and things we've done since last I filled you in.

Can you forgive me??


Julie said...

I figured you were busy as heck - summers are like that, and I think everyone blogs less then. Not to worry. Just tell us about anything you've made (besides empty space) and it's all good.

Sara said...

Sounds like a productive spring, summer, fall. All is forgiven. Living life is way more important than blogging, but tossing a few crumbles at the blog is good too. :D

Mel said...

How can we be mad at you when you have been taking time to take care of you and boy-o? And really, that is the most important thing in your life! I am SOO glad that your place is de-cluttered! I don't have as much as you but sometimes it still feels like too much.

Just throw us a crumb every once in a while so we can see how you are doing. Or...CALL ME and I'll try to be better at doing the same. =)

Alwen said...

De-cluttering is cool! And you feel so light and relieved afterwards.

=Tamar said...

Congratulations! Yes, I missed you a bit but the people who are right there and need you now come first (that includes yourself). I admit I'm glad to hear that you're okay.