Monday, June 01, 2009

The Flossing of The Bricks

An annual event round these parts. Or at least, it's supposed to be. It hasn't been done here in at least four years, though, and was far overdue. So I spent all day yesterday flossing them.

What's that? You've never heard of brick flossing?

I'm sorry. I'll elaborate:

Ages ago (it seems) my mother did some major re-landscaping on the property. It started with the gazebo (which holds a story all its own...) which became an island in the grass. She designed a patio and a walkway leading to the gazebo, all built from brick pavers.

And it was good.

Until the grass got into the cracks...
This has been a recurring problem ever since, but did not dissuade her from having the driveway done in the same pavers. Those will happen another day.

To floss the pavers, I use a giant WaterPik - the power washer. And I blow the crud out the cracks with the pressurized water. When finished, it looks like this:
So lovely and neat and tidy! Unfortunately for me, a long way from done!Never before did the gazebo look SO far away from the patio!

But persist I did, and managed to clear the entire path and the patio.
And power-washed the front porch (lichens+moss+porch=black, dark, ick) to boot. All in one day! Now I have to replace the sand between the pavers (much easier than getting the ick out!)

Needless to say, there has been little to no textile progress around here. I spun on the turquoise silk some more, but it loks about the same as the last photo (the downside of spinning super-fine - progress is not very visual).


Mel said...

You go girl! That looks really nice. =)

Alwen said...

I think I've seen ads for paving sand that's supposed to go in the joints and set up a bit to help keep the weeds and grass out. It looks like you'd need quite a bit, though!