Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bad Momma Day

Last night, the Kiddo was sick after supper. He had a bellyache, and a headache, and got really congested almost as soon as we started eating. I assumed he was having seasonal allergies and had eaten something that disagreed with him. By the time I went to bed he was moaning and crying, and finally he threw up. After that he felt fine, slept through the night, and, and got up chipper and normal.

It's over, right?


Kiddo was fine tonight. We ate dinner, he went back to homework. Within minutes he was complaining of being congested and feeling like he needed to vomit. I got him up to the bathroom and then started thinking....

  • we had leftovers toight
  • of yesterday's dinner
  • he got sick both nights
  • right after eating
  • congested, stomachache, headache, vomiting
I left him in the bathroom and checked the fridge. The pesto I used in our supper? Cashews. His #1 allergy.

We're lucky he didn't need the Epi-Pen!! I used about 2 Tbs of pesto in the dinner that fed both of us for 2 nights, so that's what? 1/32 of a tsp of cashews??

I gave him ipecac to speed up the expulsion process, and he was happy as a clam within 20 minutes. All done.

But not hungry.

Nothing like feeding your kid allergens for supper to earn a Bad Momma award, is there?

(For what it's worth, it was yummy. Pine Noodles and Weeds (aka spaghetti broken into small pieces with pesto, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, and steamed spinach))


Julie said...

They're thinking now that small, occasional exposure actually helps reduce allergic reaction. So really, it's like you're helping him.


Sara said...

Oh my! Poor kid. It happens...bad mommy moments are bound to happen.

Jofran said...

deep breath

you are human and it only took you two times to figure out.

I give you the Great Momma award.

Alwen said...

Ooops. But yeah, they were doing peanut desensitization that way. In a hospital with about 1/1000th of a peanut and creeping up from there.

But still not fun!