Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thursday

I'm a little behind on posting, as you may have noticed. Not because I haven't been busy, but because I haven't had any good pictures to share.

I give up - they just aren't happening this week. Instead, you get randomness.

1. A post on Unclutterer caught my eye this morning: the causes of clutter. I most definitely fall into the third category, with aspects of the first and second compounding it. I'm making progress still, and working through my hyper-sentimentality and Depression-era "need" to hang onto anything that might be useful someday.

2. I culled books last weekend. I started with the pile next to my rocking chair, and moved on from there to the living room bookshelves, the bedroom bookshelf, and some of the books in the basement. At the end of the day, the kids hauled 4 boxes of books out of the house to the van and one to the car to be returned to Mom. I am proud to say that all our books currently fit onto shelves and there is NO overflow onto the floor anymore!

3. I still can't find the surface of the dining room table on a daily basis.

4. Number 3 didn't stop me from bringing the mid-gauge knitting machine up from the basement to work on a panel-knit blanket while the kids are doing their homework in the evenings.

5. The blanket was going great (after the 3rd cast-on) until the last few rows. Now it drops lots of stitches each time I try to knit a row and I spend the next hour fixing all the dropped stitches. I think I need more weight on the knitting.

6. I can't find all my knitting weights. They're lost in the knitting-machine-clutter in the basement.

7. If I can't find more weights soon, then the machine in the living room has become clutter. Crap.

8. Thanks to everyone for your recent comments. I wish I could email each of you in response, but Blogger doesn't let me. And I feel like if I answer you in the comments, you'll never see it. Suggestions???

9. I'm a little stressed this week. My other half at work, aka the Other Chemist, has put in his resignation. I'm trying to rapidly assimilate all his duties into my schedule.

10. Number 9 seems to be working. I find that kind of frightening.

11. I'm off work tomorrow for my Flex Friday (I work 9 hour days, then get to be off every other Friday). I plan to ruthlessly cull in the basement where the crafty stuff is. Now that the excess yarn is out of the way, I have more shelves and bins to organize into.

12. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to this.

13. The Russian student who joined our family for the academic year got cast in the school play: Dracula. It opens tonight. She's more than a little tired.

14. I think I'm letting steam off by starting new knitting projects. Hence the machine in my living room.

15. I need to stop now and get on with my day.

Thanks for visiting!!

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