Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17th?? Really?????

I'm a little...flabbergasted.

I knew I'd lost this entire week.

It had rained Saturday night, snowed all day Sunday, and then dropped to negative temps Sunday night. Wayne County, Michigan is apparently too broke to send out more than four snowplows for the county, so we didn't see a plow until Wednesday.

Sunday afternoon, in the middle of the blizzard conditions, I had to drive 30 miles (each way) to pick up the Kiddo at the halfway point between my house and his dad's. Two and a half hours later, I was home. Sunday night was a good time to stay home and light a fire in the fireplace.

Monday was a snow day for the kids. By the time I got up, checked the computer, answered 3 phone calls, and used the bathroom I wasn't sleepy anymore. And it was only 6am. So I made some coffee and a pan of breakfast bars, and caught up on some online reading. And called in to work for a spontaneous vacation day. There was no way I was going to get the car out of the 6" of snow and ice in my huge-long driveway and drag my butt to work in 15F while the kids sleep and play!

So I managed to finish the Christmas towels and cut them off the loom, finish spinning the brown fluff into singles from an unknown breed of sheep (I think there's a pound of it! What am I going to do with a POUND of plain, brown, slightly itchy, unknown-type yarn????), cook real food for supper, clear the driveway (it was COLD!!!), start the clarifying of the Christmas wine, and get some knitting done. I did NOT clean the house, do all the laundry, change the sheets, or any of that other "useful" stuff others might have prioritized for an extra Saturday.

And Tuesday morning, at 2:15am, I woke up to a screaming migraine. Of the kind I haven't had in years. By three am I was hugging the toilet. I passed out around 4, overslept the alarm, and got the kids up with 20 minutes to get out the door. We made it, and I dropped them at their respective schools and drove straight to the chiropractor.

Disclaimer here: I love my chiropractors. They keep me functioning when no one else could. (About 8 years ago I got rear-ended by a pair of semi-trucks, and my neck has been..problematic...ever since. I get massive migraines, got sent to neurologists, CAT scans, you name it, and no one could stop them. Except my chiropractors. I don't trust all of them out there, but I adore mine!)

An hour later I could see out my right eye again. I even went to work for the rest of the day, (which prompted a woman at work who gets migraines that knock her out for 3 days at a time to consider going to a chiro) and got better as the day went on.

Needless to say, I've been playing catch-up all week. My neck is still touchy, there's too much to do at work, and home is a little behind, too. We have Christmas cookies to make, a house to decorate, a tree to put up, gifts to wrap, gifts to make, and I have a boatload of towels to hem. Oh yeah, and the wine needs racked for clarifying, but it's so close to Christmas that I'm starting to worry that it won't be bottled before the 25th!

Oh, and don't forget the laundry, housecleaning, and sheet-changing that I didn't do on Monday. It needs done, too.

Maybe this is why I feel an overwhelming urge to sit in my rocker and spin pretty wool into yarn I don't have time to knit...

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Maria Barker said...

About that yarn, last year I spun a scratchy singles, crocheted it into a small rug, then fulled it to an inch of its life. I love it in the winter and early Spring for under my feet when I am sitting in the living room, because my floor is cold. My dog also loves it, because the floor is cold. Did I mention my floor is cold? I chose crochet, because I did not know how large it would be when the yarn was finished, and I knew I could easily start crocheting around the edges if the main part was getting too long. I just wanted your basic rectangle, but very, very thick. Worked well.

Sorry about your migraine.