Monday, March 20, 2006

After four days stuck home with a sick youngling (gotta love the flu...) I only have a little progress to show. Sick kids require a lot of attention, but encore performances of Pooh dvds allow for a little knitting time.

The lace scarf: it's about 27"long at this point, and only 8 rows away from where the pattern says to start adding the border. I would then have about 130 m of laceweight mohair leftover. Or, I could keep going, get a longer scarf (it's supposed to be 48" when blocked, as written), and finish up this skein. What would a 60+" lace scarf be like? Unwieldy? Glamorous? Ridiculous? Anyway, here it is:
I think the zigzag pattern is howing very nicely, for it not being blocked yet.

And no, I dind't neglect the socks. They got three heels, thank you very much, and they still don't have heels. I turned both heels, re-doing one once when I didn't like how it turned out, and went to bed happy last Thursday. Got up Friday, and got the wild notion Why don't I try them on, since this is a different heel pattern than I'm used to... And lo and behold - they were way too short. They were too short to even give them away. I don't know anyone with size 7 1/2 feet. So they both got ripped out and knitted longer. If you compare this picture to the last one, you'll see they are longer and there are more pattern repeats than before. But they still don't have heels. Blah.
It's weeks like these that have me fantasizing about sewing again. Big, elaborate, embroidered, beaded, tedious, Elizabethan outfits. They might be faster.

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