Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Ramblings

There has been a pathetic amount of knitting going on around here. My evenings are full, and it's still frowned upon to knit at work. My evenings should be freeing up a bit, soon. My excuse for the lack of knitting is the US Masters Swim Meet coming up this weekend. I'm swimming in it, and I'm therefore at the pool several evenings this week (as I have been for the last month and some). Any evening I'm not at the pool I'm supervising make-up work for Little Boy who missed school last week.

They sure can send home a lot of homework for kindergerten!!

I expect that the same thing that kept me form knitting lately will increase my knitting time this coming weekend, as I'm sitting around a natatorium for 2 days waiting for my seven races (each of which will be over in a few minutes or less). I plan to take socks: small, portable, and not damaged if they happen to get wet :)

Let's hope there's some progress photos on Friday. I tried to give you some 2006 finished object photos, but Blogger isn't letting me upload photos this morning for some reason. It's crashing.

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