Monday, March 27, 2006

The swim meet is over. I survived.

And I managed to place in everything I swam in.

Of course, places were counted to 8th place. But I have nothing lower than 6th. In fact, I have one of each to 6th place. My individual events took 3rd and 4th. The other four are from relays. For the most part, I had fun. I'm still tired, and a little sore, but hey, I'll do it again.

As for knitting, less took place than I expected. All childcare plans, and backup plans, fell through, so I was Mommy as well as athlete. And that was tough.

But the heels are turned, and Istarted up the ankle. And then I got bored with stockinette, and started wondering what this self-patternewing yarn would look like in a pattern, something simple, like feather and fan. It doesn't show up all that well; I'll try again Wednesday. But I think it's looking pretty neat. Even the little green spots look interesting.

And I attracted a little attention, even from teammates. Some said I wouldn't have time to knit, as they sat and worked their crossword puzzles.

And so begins another week. I'm counting them down until I go visit friends in Baltimore and go to Maryland Sheep and Wool. It's getting closer...

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Renee said...

Cute socks! Thanks for the information on the spinning wheels. I'm definitely going to have the smaller one fixed up to keep around for a bit. If I decide to learn to spin once it gets be it! Did you find it hard to teach yourself?