Friday, March 24, 2006

Sorry- no new photos this morning. The youngling woke up way early, and is demanding my attention. I've appeased him with Raisin Bran for the moment, but he'll be back!

I will attempt to post this evening, as I know there's not a chance of posting tomorrow morning. Tonight's going to be pretty rough, too: I'm working the Fish Fry at Little Boy's school. Tomorrow is the Masters State Swim Meet, and that will suck up both Saturday and Sunday. (I have no idea where groceries or laundry will happen, let alone vacuuming... all my normal Saturday morning activities.)

On the bright side, the swim meet appears to offer lots of knitting time, as I have to sit for hours to wait for my 2-minute race, over and over again! Note to self: rememeber to pack extra ball of sock yarn, as current socks are over half done...

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