Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finish or Frog?


Started: August 2006
Status: unknown percentage done
Yarn: Zephyr wool-silk 2ply dk weight, color doesn't match anything on current color card
Pattern: Knitter's Best Shawls and Scarves "Faroese Shawl"

Reason Abandoned: Thought I didn't have enough yarn

Should I put any more effort into this? Calculate the yarn remaining and how far I have to go? It's a bottom-up shawl, and I appear to be 1/4-1/3 of the way up, with about 1/2 of the original yarn remaining. I don't have yardage, or notes on how much I originally purchased.

You tell me: finish it or frog it???


Stephanie said...

Frog it.

The evidence points to not enough yarn. Without the label you can't get more to finish. That assumes that you could even find some to buy.

Beth said...

Frog. Want me to do it?

highflyinsm said...

Frog. Even if you could find more yarn it wouldn't be close to the same dyelot!