Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Faroese Shawl: done and counting

Another item off my UFO list!

Remember when I asked for input on the fate of the partially-completed Faroese shawl?

I finished it.It blocked out HUGE!!!

It's soft, and squooshy, and looks fabulous on Shannah. But not really so fabulous on me.

I haven't decided it's fate yet. Keep? Probably not. But to whom should I give it?

Maybe the fundraiser auction at church? I don't think it would attract enough attention or money. It's too...beige.

Not that I have anything against beige, but it's not something to attract the eye for an auction! If I'm going to put handknit anything into an auction, it had better be flashy and draw lots of bidders.

Anyway - what is it about kitchen counters? Why do they attract so much clutter, unopened mail, papers from school, and such? Has this always been a problem, or is it a modern thing, a result of a world going faster than we can keep up? Where so much information flows by that we attempt to grasp what we can, and stash what we think we'll need, and hope we can get to it before it's too late...

Isn't that what we do? Information has become a commodity, it's powerful, trade-able, influential. It affects us all, and leaves us gasping for breath.

And drowning under a sea of paper.

And the worst part? In this world where information is key, where power is equated in terms of who and what you know - we have to sift the overwhelming piles of distraction from the truly important bits of real information. Do I really need to know what's on sale at every chain store in the Detroit metro area? Every week? Do I really need newsletters touting the latest hot metal in the futures market? How did I get on these lists in the first place? And why can't I get off them??

Somehow we have to figure out what to keep, and what to throw away.

And where else would we do the most important processing of the information that comes into our homes but the heart of the home: the kitchen. The room where guests congregate and bodies and souls are fed.

So those of you fed up with the paper on my kitchen counter? The ones who tell me to take it to the desk? My kitchen is the center of my home, and will continue to be the center of my running of the home.

As women have done for centuries.

Even before they had kitchen counters.


highflyinsm said...

The shawl looks great. Very pretty, but your right probably not a big bid draw.
As for kitchen clutter, mine tends to be junk mail. Somehow every credit card company in the world think I need their credit card! I don't want them, I don't bank with them, yet I get multiple applications a week, from the same company. Frustrating, and bad for the environment, grrr.

Made the oatmeal bars last night with nutmeg and craisins, very yummy.

morgan said...

you know: the shawl is great, because you made it! I hope you can find someone to give it to, because it would be regrettable if a beautiful item would stay unloved...
the colour is calming, the lace is gorgeous ;)

Donna Lee said...

If the shawl is "too beige" to be beautiful (and I don't think so) maybe you could use some bright colors and embroider some complementary design? I defeat the clutter monster by going through the mail as soon as it comes in and putting the junk right into the recycling bucket.

monica aka gloria patre said...

The shawl is beautiful! A sedate and dignified color, like yellow roses in the shade.... It looks like an undemanding hug waiting to be had ...