Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods... Rhinebeck I went.

By way of Atlanta, GA.

This was probably the most difficult travelling experience of my life.  I spent 48 hours travelling to and from NYC, and only 36 hours in the state.  I had an incredibly wonderful, much-needed visit with Sonya, was able to buy the fleeces I was looking for, and came home with far more than I went out there with.  I haven't unpacked the fiber yet, because I know it's going to explode everywhere when I unzip that're not going to believe what I got into that one rolling duffel!!  (I'll be sure to take pictures - I'll never get it all back in!!)

I did not do the sight-seeing thing at all, though I think I saw Obsidian Kitten waiting at a bus stop in Queens Saturday night (please let me know if I did, Shana!!  I was really sure it was you!)  We hung out in Sonya's gorgeous and spacious apartment spinning, went to sleep way too early (we must be getting  old...) and ate fabulous food all weekend.

Sonya also introduced me to the wonder that is the Bento Box, and I'm now obsessed.  I already ordered four for us to use, and I love fixing the colorful and nutritious lunches for myself and my son, and he's thrilled beyond belief to eat the healthy food I put in there, mostly because it's pretty!  I'm looking foward to the new boxes arriving so I can pack them properly.  I don't have a good-sized container for the food right now, and they're either overfull or too loosely packed to maintain the arrangement.  SHouldn't take long to get them, though.

I came home with one new wheel - a Majacraft Little Gem II.  Sonya and it were not getting along terribly well (actually - she hates it), and I was able to communicate with it quite well.  And with four (five?) other wheels, she'll get along fine without it.   She prefers her portable Kromski for travel anyway.

Beyond that, I'm swamped this week, and am not even unpacked properly yet.  I'm so far behind I expect to catch up sometime during retirement...


Julie said...

Ah, bento. I really miss bento. I got spoiled in Hawaii (you could pick it up as a quick lunch ANYWHERE - even Seven-Elevens sold decent ones). Of course here they don't even know what you're talking about.

Let me know what you think of the Little Gem. I've been eyeing them in catalogues and thinking 'second wheel', that would travel. It'd be years before I bought it. But still. I'd like to hear.

Anonymous said...

Bento box is it something you attach to your bike so you can eat and ride at the same time?


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