Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cute Kitties

So I finished the back of the Nantucket Jacket (on Sunday), and I'm cruising up the fronts, doing both at the same time. And I unloaded the camera and found...

Cute kitties napping the northern near-winter sun.

And since I forgot to mention it, they came with names already given. All due apologies to their namesakes... but the grey one is Domingo and the black one is Pavarotti. As in Placido and Luciano.
Do you think there were any pictures of the sweater-in-progress?? Or the gansey I finished more than a week ago????

Of course not. Just kittens.
They are cute, though, yes?

p.s. I paid $25 for the silk reel.

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highflyinsm said...

it occurs to me I haven't yet posted to the winner blog, which is me!!! I was trying to decide if I would rather knit or spin silk, to which one observant friend pointed out I could spin it AND then knit up what I had spun (I am a little slow right now) So spinning please!!

I'll call soon I promise, this little thing called life keeps getting in my way!