Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vegetarian Turkey and Carniverous Cats

So we're getting close to the day that frets my mother to no end.  Ever since my sister and I went vegetarian (me in 1997, she shortly after), she's had...issues...with Thanksgiving.  Go figure.  A holiday that revolves around a dead bird and two veggie daughters.

So she invented a stuffing/dressing recipe that has no animal stuff in it, and uses canned veggie broth for liquid.  She likes it better than the original, and never makes the old recipe anymore.  She also has gotten really creative in recent years and made things such as cranberry-rice-stuffed-squash and a few recipes we requested not be repeated.  She refuses to get a Tofurky (www.tofurky.com/), though I threaten (regularly) to bring one.  She also always fails to plan ahead and order an organic free-frange turkey that we would consider eating, and one year I was on a random last minute search for an organic turkey...on Wednesday.

This year I am working the day after Thanksgiving.  Usually I take it as vacation, and every year I wander around a little lost, as my Little Boy leaves either Thursday night or Friday morning every year for the trip to Indiana to see the other side of his family.

Speaking of the Kiddo, I went to wake him up this morning (he is NOT a morning person, by any stretch of the imagination.  The kid needs major motivation to get him moving) and didn't see him.  He had burrowed under his covers almost completely, and what little bit of his head wasn't covered by blanket was covered by kittens, who immediately started to purr and meow as soon as they saw me.  I wish I had a picture, but it was one of those moments that just disappear as fast as they happen.

And for the cats?  I took the geriatricats to the vet yesterday for checkups and shots, and my Isis has bad tartar on her teeth.  The vet kind of pried her mouth open and was flicking off flakes of tartar with her fingernail when this enormous chunk of black and grey and yellow flipped out of the cat's mouth and onto the table.  Gak.  So gross.  It was a whole tooth!  I looked and there was blood where it had come from and the cat was giving us this offended look like "What did you go and do that for??" before she turned around and climbed back into the carrier.  The carrier I had spent 15 outrageous minutes chasing her and dragging her from under the bed to put her in, only to have her escape and have to do it all over again to get her to the vet in the first place.  Neither geriatricat trusts me now, and they keep skirting around me and jumping if I move too fast.  It's only going to get worse with Isis getting antibiotics for a week, since she has a bloody hole in her mouth!

These kittens have opened a whole wide door to financial ruin.  Debt by Vet.  I'm considering insurance for the kittens, while they're still young and healthy!

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highflyinsm said...

my mom has the same fear with me every year! Pet insurance is agood thing, ours came with their micro-chips(not that we knew about it before the 3,000 in vet bills for the our little run away!).