Monday, December 22, 2008


Back to work.

It's kind of hard to concentrate and get anything done when there's a jackhammer under your office. Again. maybe I'll go hide in a lab tomorrow. Where it's 62F and breezy. Really. The ICP-MS throws off a lot of heat, so the room has amazing air-conditioning. Year round. It tends to dry out my eyes in minutes.

I didn't weave at all today, but I made even more progress in my quest for simplification and control of paper clutter. I admit it: I have major problems keeping paper clutter under control, bills paid on time, and piles from turning into mountains of junk. I've been working on it for the last week or so - filing, tossing, shredding, organizing. Recognizing that most of my messes are from the tendency to pile things and no real place to put anything, I dragged a paper organizer out of the basement from where it was holding fabric I don't sew with (that's another day...) and replaced a small table with the organizer. Lo and behold! My piles are neatly organized into slots where I can find each pile at will and locate any particular paper when I need it! I also have my files in order for 2009 already, and the plastic crate that's currently holding my 2008 papers and files is sitting on the highchair. (Yeah, there's a highchair in my dining room. It's for when I watch my nephew, which is just often enough that it's a pain to drag down to the basement and back up every time he comes to visit.)

I'm liking the results. I like that things are organized. I like that papers are where I need them, and things are put away into specific places near where they are used. I like the open floor in the dining room! Not sure why I started there, but I plan to continue working to keep it this way, and slowly branch out into the other areas of the house.

The wine is finally ready to be clarified!!!! Tomorrow after work, it's big on my list! I won't have it bottled till probably a week after New Year's, but the slow fermentation most likely means a richer, deeper flavor in the finished wine! So: late, but really good rather than on time and good.

The kittens are going in for their emasculations tomorrow morning. Chaka, one of the geriatricats, keeps sniffing around them and getting upset. Apparently they're starting to have male odors, so we're gonna go get that taken care of tomorrow. I hope they come home as sweet and cuddly as they go in!

Last note for today: I was perusing Knit to Fit, a book on hand and machine knitting from 1963, and found the "size chart" they recommend knitters follow. On reading it, it really becomes apparent that the Industry is "growing" sizes and have been for a long time... Ever thought that a size ten isn't a ten anymore? That you need a smaller number on the tag to get the same fit, even though you haven't changed weight or shape in ten years? Yeah, me neither, but I think you get the point.

So by this chart, I would be a...22?? If I were to walk into, say, Lane Bryant, and ask for a size 22, they'd totally laugh me out of the store! It's not our imaginations - clothing manufacturers are changing to sizes to accommodate vanity. If this keeps up, I'll be a size 2!!

I still think women's clothes should be sold just like mens' - by measurement of the garment, not the body. If a woman wants baggy pants, she can buy a different size. If she wants to squeeze her behind into clothes too tiny for her tushie, she can buy smaller measurements.

or would that be more reality than most women are willing to bear?

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