Friday, January 02, 2009

Little Boy No More

I can hardly believe it! I gave birth nine years ago. It doesn't feel like nearly that long, yet here he is as proof.

He has always been precocious, and if it was mechanical, he wanted to figure it out. He wasn't even a year old and was already fascinated and obsessed with the piano.

He has a personality that requires him to be himself, and he feels a need to express it through actions and dress, and was already fussing about his clothes at two.

He had perfected The Look by age three.

And yet at four, his excitement and joy at the simple things in life, like dressing as a frog for Halloween, simply radiate from him. It's so contagious!

And his pride, at five, from graduating from kindergarten...
...couldn't keep him from expressing his individuality during the class shot (Yeah, he's the third form the left, how did you know?)

Yet, his handsome smile gets me every time, even at six. (And I love it when I can hold him still long enough to get his hair tamed!)

By seven he could no longer contain himself for pictures, and the unbridled joy still makes me giggle. (It looks so much like his frog picture above, I can't help it!)

Even when relaxing this last summer, cruising on the boat, he is always in the moment, and loving it.

Happy Birthday, Little Boy! Not so little anymore, are you?

Nine years old. You're a joy and a challenge, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
I love you, Kiddo!

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Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

There's nothing like having a child that marks the passage of time in a way you can't ignore - no matter HOW hard you try!! LOL!! He looks healthy and happy so you must be doing something right! :o) Well done! Kudos to you!
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