Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy Girl

I got tired of the pile of boxes full of undyed wool in my dining room. They've been sitting there for a few weeks, since Sonya sent them to me to dye for a venture we're considering.

So this morning, after coffee and breakfast, I got to it. I would the long rovings into skeins and tied them off. I made piles of smaller pieces that didn't skein well. Separated the pin rovings from the full top. I made it through about half of what she sent to me, which is only part of the 65# of wool we bought together. The postage doesn't tell me how much each box weighed, and I can't weigh it until later, because it looks like this now:
I completely filled the available drying space in my basement with dyed wool. And I spent most of the day, well, about 8 hours of it, creating this mass of color. I was experimenting with a different dye than I'm accustomed to, since it's winter and I don't have a well-ventilated dye studio out of the house, and I prefer not to poison myself, my son, or my cats.

So, for a guided tour of the product of my day!

The greens! Kettle-dyed random small lengths of roving, some wool, some with mohair, all pretty.
The Cracked Pot. I managed to completely crock the dyes on this batch of kettle-dyeing, and I actually like the result.

I sampled some of this as soon as it was dry enough to handle.

This stuff is the full top, kettle-dyed again, some with mohair, mostly just wool. All soft and lovely to touch.And then there are the skeins of roving... Some are completely one piece, others are made up of multiple strands to make a bigger skein. Since I tend not to believe in doing things small, there are three dye lots here - three skeins of one colorway, three of another, and four of the third. I get so irritated when I want to make something large and there's not enough fiber! So I aim for sweater-quantities when I spin, and when I dye.

And when I was done? The sun came out after a long day of snowstorm.

Roses compliments of Cousin Kathy, who makes bouquets for nursing homes out of unsold flowers donated by local stores. No one's ever given me 2 dozen roses before! I smile every time I look at them.


Julie said...

I know I will live to regret asking this question, but I must: Where does one go to buy SIXTY FIVE FREAKING POUNDS of wool roving without going bankrupt??!!?? Please. I must know.

And, um... can I move in? Or will you at least let me come over to play for a year or ten?

Alwen said...

Oh the colors!

And I could go live in your last photo, given that we just got at least 8 more inches of snow overnight.

bethanyg said...

mmm, gorgeous stuff! How fun. Now I want to do it too...

Mel said...

Great job with the colors! I LOVE the greens! So pretty.. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this weekend, and the flowers are gorgeous.

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

Gorgeous color blends!! The greens are "gotta' have!" Wow - a cornucopia of springtime in your own basement! Yummy! Any chance any of this will hit your Etsy shop?