Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Because...

I'm apparently not busy enough, I've reloaded my Etsy shop with llama fiber. This is the last of the 2007 shearing, and the last of the fiber that's been processed by Zeilinger's.

The destashing has been going well, if the pile of boxes waiting to be mailed tomorrow are any indication. I'm feeling much better about the stash now, too. As I clear out the yarn I don't plan to use, I'm finding yarn I forgot I had! And since I have no plans for that,'s listed. I put 25 yarn lots up on Rav today, and some were claimed within minutes. Yay! Tomorrow I hope to start listing the stash fiber I'm not going to spin.

Also tomorrow, I'm hoping to put a few new things into the Etsy shop. There's been a delay in the Special Secret Project, and since I'm accumulating so much dyed fluffiness, and taunting you with it...I thought I should give you a chance to claim some for yourself. I'll let you know when it goes up.

Though I admit, I now have another problem...
He runs off with sealed Ziploc bags, too.


Anonymous said...

Nooo! Send all the fiber you won't spin to meeeee!!! I just finished spinning up the fiber you sent me (it's in singles now waiting for me to decide how I want to ply it).

Jofran said...


I do hope you are feeling better.

The poppies are waiting for you.