Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday already?

I've been a little out of it.  My co-worker calls it "glassy-eyed" and he's probably right.

Last Wednesday I was coughing enough to hurt.  Thursday I stayed home sick.  Friday, too.  Saturday I slept.  Sunday I went to Urgent Care because I wasn't getting any better.  No pneumonia, but I have bronchitis.  They got me breathing properly again, and sent me home, and I've been hopped up on codeine ever since.  As in, last night's dose won't work out of my system until after noon the next day!  I only took 1/8 of the prescribed dose last night and I still slept like a rock and got up groggy.  Fun stuff.

And now that I'm healing, I have almost finished a pair of socks I started last Thursday when I was too tired and sick to think. Plain Jane Sockotta socks.  I needed more summer cotton socks for work, anyway.

And now it's Friday and I' m not positive where the last 10 days have gone.  They've flown by, and I'm facing another weekend.

At least I'm not facing a Monday!

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Emily said...

The codeine was to keep you from coughing? I was trying to figure that out. I have severe COPD & I can't take codeine because if I don't cough, stuff can (& will) turn into I never thought it would be given to somebody with bronchitis. Well, the main thing is that you're mending, so it's OK. Glad you're better! Glassy-eyed is OK.